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Company Profile & History

Founded in 1987, Island Excavating Corp. has evolved and prospered while maintaining the heart of a family-run, mid-size excavation company with profound connections within our community.

Our history makes a lot of people smile. Dustin Parizo dreamed of assuming leadership of IEC since he was a child. He operated his first excavator at the age of eight, under the watchful eye of many more experienced operators! Dustin bought the business from his parents, Dolly and Tim, in 2021. Dolly and Tim remain involved peripherally and feel tremendous pride in their son, the impressive tenure of many of our staff members, and the impeccable work and craftsmanship for which IEC is known.

A fleet consisting of a small dump truck, backhoe and bulldozer and a staff of two in 1987 has grown to fourteen excavators, two dozers, four loaders, a grader, four skid steers, nine dump trucks, and full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees.  We service Grand Isle County as well as many other Vermont counties, and have a reputation for making the most challenging excavation jobs look easy.

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